Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The 5 Types of Logos That You Need To Know

You will all agree to me when I say:

Logo is the face of any brand.

Like everything, logos do have different types. Each type is the combination of various factors that elicit and compose a meaning when used in your logo. So it is a important decision but which type to choose? Scroll on down and you'll know about these types. It will help you better understand these types and you'll end up selecting a right one.


A wordmark logo is a font style type of logo that concentrations with respect to a business' name alone. Wordmark logos work truly well when an organization has a brief and particular name. Since the attention will be on your name, you'll need to pick a text style—or make a textual style—that catches the substance of what your business does.


The pictorial consists of only icon or graphic image without any business name. It is used by the established brands because it represents the reliability & long-term presence of a company. For example, iconic Apple logo or twitter bird.

Combination Mark

As the name suggests, it's the combination of two or more types. It incorporates multiple meanings in it's design elements. The icon and text elements can be laid side-by-side, stacked over each other, or incorporated together to make a logo.


An abstract logo is like pictorial logo but with business name place right below or after it. It is a great type of logo to be stick with as it represents the true essence of brand in a single icon or image.


Lettermarks are based on the initials of the business name rather than full business name. It's a great choice to use with businesses who like to be recall with their abbreviation.

If you want to know about more types then here's the link to 99designs blog post about it:


There you have it. Now it's on you to go through the details of these types and choose what clicks you. Either way, let me know about it in comments below.